Never post your return times on your alliance board.

If you are in a Heph group or just coordinating with other players you should always use a privet chat room or PM (privet message) them directly. You never really know if there is a spy in your alliance or not. Imagine you are working with your alliance mates and you post your return/landing time on the boards, and imagine what the spy could do. If the spy shared this posting with your exact time of your FRS return to the second, with someone big enough to take out your fleet. All they would have to do is send the attack to land a few seconds after you returning fleet and there would be nothing you could do about it. And dont think that your heph is safe ether, if I know when and where your heph is going to land all I have to do is have someone else or use a multi account to colonize that slot ether by sending a gaia or moving a planet to that location then sending an attack to land seconds after your heph will land. Once the attack is sent you can move the planet away or Abandon the new colony so your heph doesn't get bounced and the attack will continue. Best part is you will never know its coming until it happens and you will wonder how.

Spies are used enough that you need be careful what you post. Spies an blend in to the alliance well often posting and contributing as an active member, helping other alliance mates these are intentionally placed to target a specific player and can be apart of the alliance for a very long time yes even years, I know of such cases. Some spies will just be silent never saying a word just flying under the radar.

Sometimes you may want to talk about things that you dont want BFG to know about, i.e. multi accounts, spies, illegal scripts etc.

Ether way to be save use a privet chat room and don't post sensitive info on your alliance board.

Maybe you don't want to share anything current but some of you know what I am talking about. feel free to share...

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