Only Attack From You're Moon

I remember years ago when moons and oracles came out, I remember how getting a moon wasn't that easy at lest not like it is now. You would have to trade moon shots with other players usually using arts and often over a few days. Once you got you would then have to save up your res so that you could afford to build up your moon with an oracle but once you had it you had an advantage. In those days most people didn't have moons so they would attack from their planets leaving you vulnerable to the "Oracle Lock".

You quickly learned that you had to have a moon mostly as an attack platform. Sense you could not oracle a moon your attacks were much safer but if you attacked from a planet (or Heph) you could be scanned and that oracle would give the attacker would know exactly when your attack would land and return. If they didn't GD (Group Defend) your target you are attacking they could get your fleet as it returned home and they would know to the second when it would return hense the "Oracle Lock". All the attacker would have to do is attack 1 or 2 seconds after your fleet returns and you would not have enough time to save it, POOF you have been fleeted.

Now days getting a moon is so easy to get, people offer up moon shots like its a privilege to give them, some even keep track like on a score card. It's pretty much required to attack from a moon in fact you would be crazy not to.

What are you're thoughts?

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