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Starfleet Commander User Scripts

User scripts are a great tool to enhance your game experience.  In order to install a script you first have to have a "Userscript Manager".  Userscript Managers are specific to the type of browser or in come cases device you are using.  On the left hand side under the title "Userscript Manager" you will see a list of UMs, choose the one that is right for you and install it.  Once you have installed your UM you can then start installing scripts.

User Scripts

Userscript Manager

Popular Desktop/Laptop Browsers

Cell Phone

"Tampermonkey for Android" is a browser that will treat you cell phone like a desktop not a mobile device.  User Scrips don't always work.  Still working on that.

Legal User Scripts - click to install

scripts are hosted @ http://bfg.kcnetworks.biz

Last update 


These are Eljer scripts that have been updated to work with the modern browser changes.

* Allows you to move between galaxies using the arrow keys on your keyboard.

* Designed to allow you to calculate required fleets to hit a target. This mod adds a link to your Espionage reports.

Reformats battle reports for easier posting showing only the outcome with losses

* Designed to help map out the universe and search for player coordinates
* Going to systems in which you don't have planets will update the parser

* Modified Script - Differs from eljercode.com
* Adds summery information on Subject Line
* Changes the format of your espionage reports to make it more user friendly.
* Advises when you don't get a full espionage report
* Adds debris field totals of enemy fleets to script

* Removes the blank space at the bottom of every page

* Summarizes the contents of the solar system page you're viewing in the Galaxy page description box.

* See "Unavailable" planet slots easier to be better aware of departed hephs

* Provides a statistical overview of your empire.
* Also adds a "Build Time Remaining" to your shipyard, and many small features.

* Makes the system time keep ticking, and stamps top of page with page load time.
* Shows completion time of fleets and things building (not ships/defenses) after all timers.
* Shows updated resources counts as they are mined (after visiting building page).
* Shows recall flight/landing time on moving heph page.
* Shows arrival/return times on dispatch fleet screen.

* Adds buttons to the Assemble Fleet section to assist with fleetsaving.

* As named, it removes the recall link

* Add Resources Total to Fleets Page, as well as the number of cargo ships to transport all resources

* Expands shortened costs in buildings, research, and shipyard pages to full amounts

Illegal scrip[ts can get your account suspended and or banned.  As of yet I haven't added any of them here but I could easily, and I could rank them by how detectable they are by BFG.

I on one hand I want to make this the most comprehensive site for this game but on the other I know that if I share some of what I have a log of you could be banned...